We are an award-winning producer of artisan sodas and juices, based in a rural spot in Somerset, just outside Bristol.

A budding idea

Our story begins with Rick and Victoria. They never planned to start a soft drink company. In fact, it was quite by accident that Rick stumbled upon his mum’s old recipe for elderflower champagne. There were elderflower bushes growing nearby and one thing led to another.

Rick remembered that his mum used to make fruit wines and all manner of good things from the soil. He decided to experiment like she used to and added roses to the recipe. As they took their first sip, they realised this was too good to make only once.

It was meant to be a hobby. Rick and Victoria took their Elderflower and Rose to markets and then to the Love Food festivals. But they sold far more than they expected. And they wondered if it could be something more.

So they put their heads together and started planning.

A blossoming business

Before Rick and Victoria knew it, a Bristol city centre cafe started selling Lovely drinks.

Then two local Michelin-starred pubs began stocking them.

Then in local National Trust properties.

It sounds like a fairytale but we couldn’t make this story up. We only make drinks, after all.

The fruits of our labours

Today, Lovely Drinks is still the passion-driven, independent business it always was - but now we have customers as far afield as Reading and Rome, Minehead and Malta, Hereford and Hong Kong.

We’re still in the same area, with the same heart. All our recipes are our own. No one makes them for us - quite the opposite! Other brands are asking us to develop recipes for them. Our ingredients are our inspiration. We know how to source the best. And we know how to balance a small handful of natural flavours beautifully.