Lovely Drinks pilot production area

Do you own a soft drink start up? Is your food business looking to expand its range to include soft drinks?  Are you a drinks producer who needs to tweak a product recipe to make your drinks tastier, more profitable or scalable?

At Lovely Drinks we are starting a new service – new product development! We want to use our skills, experience and bottling facilities to help other brands taste test and develop consistently delicious, profitable soft drinks.

What we can offer:

  • Pilot runs and small scale bottling of sparkling and still soft drinks, juices, mixers, cold brew coffee, syrups
  • Recipe development – helping you to create, develop and perfect your product
  • Help with sourcing a wide range of high-quality ingredients and packaging
  • Advice on scaling and contract manufacturing options
  • Help with perfecting your product labels including nutritional information, barcodes and compliance
  • White label soft drinks - we can offer some products as white label

The benefits of working with us:

  • We offer a cost-effective way to test the viability of your new product
  • We are skilled at delivering high quality products on a strict budget
  • We can save you months of research by tapping you into our network of producers, bottlers, brewers, designers, printers, marketeers and business growth experts
  • We have over a decade’s expertise in creating award-winning soft drinks and juices – our own range has won 23 Great Taste and many other regional awards
  • We are Organic Food Federation certified
  • We are SALSA certified

If you want to find out more please email Rick 

Lovely Drinks labeling and packing