Lovely Drinks Elderflower Presse

Elderflower Presse - box of 6

Our version of the English summer classic and our bestseller. 

We take our...

Lovely Drinks Elderflower and Rose

Elderflower and Rose - box of 6

We use handpicked elderflowers and English rose petals to make this unique and...

Lovely Drinks Garden Lemonade

Garden Lemonade box - box of 6

A medium sharp and refreshing fizz with a cooling hint of lavender. Made with...

Lovely Drinks Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade - box of 6

Another bestseller, this colourful lemonade is a medium sharp fruity fizz made...

Lovely Drinks Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer - box of 6

Juiced ginger and not from concentrate lime juice give this Ginger Beer a natural...

Lovely Drinks Dandelion and Burdock

Dandelion & Burdock - box of 6

Consumed in the British Isles since the Middle Ages Dandelion and Burdock was...

Lovely Drinks Original Cola

Original Cola - box of 6

This is our natural twist on the classic soda made with hand-blended botanicals...

Lovely Drinks Sour Cherry Cola

Sour Cherry Cola - box of 6

A unique, fruity craft cola made with hand-blended botanicals and sour cherries....

Lovely Drinks Strawberry and Mint

Organic Strawberry & Mint - box of 6

Coming soon!

A light and refreshing organic low...

Lovely Drinks English Apple Juice

English Apple Juice - box of 6

A delicious, medium sweet juice with a slightly tart finish. A great complement...

Lovely Drinks Zesty Lime Tonic Water

Zesty Lime Tonic Water - box of 6

A refreshing drink on its own or an ideal partner for a craft gin. 

A perfectly...

Lovely Drinks English garden Tonic Water

English garden Tonic Water - box of 6

A refreshing drink on its own or an ideal partner for a craft gin. 

An aromatic...